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Shubham World - Mr. Sampath Kothari


Chairman & Managing Director

Shubham as we know it today evolved from Mr. Sampath Kothari, Chairman & Managing Director, who has set goals for great value and excellence in consumer electronics & customer service. Started in the year 1995, Mr.Sampathstarted a distribution in the name M/s S.K.Times, and over the Span of time it became a top distributor in Mysuru region.and sk times became a force to be reckoned with. He has been courageous, aggressive and futuristic in his approach.. After few years he started a retail chain store in the name of Shubham, The electronic Shoppe under Shubham Consumer Durables Pvt Ltd. Today it has several stores across places in Karnataka, And now it is recognised as the most trusted brand of Karnataka. In the year 2012, he started Shubham Samrudhi infra Pvt Ltd. and has planned to be a pioneer in the field of construction.

Shubham World - Mr. Nikhil Kothari

Mr. Nikhil Kothari


Nikhil holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from Amity University and got into business right after the degree. Being the director of Shubham Consumer Durables Pvt Ltd, his vision is to make Shubham one of the biggest retail brands of India. He has been a quick learner and an enthusiastic person who is eagerly working towards the growth of the organisation.

Shubham World - Mr. Ayush Kothari

Mr. Ayush Kothari


Ayush completed his Bachelors in Administration from CMS JAIN University and got into business right after the degree. Being the Director of Shubham Consumer Durables Pvt Ltd, His vision is to make Shubham one of the biggest retail brands of India. From the start of his entry in to the business he has been very passionate towards company goals and his involvement in day to day activities are very phenomenal.


  • Shubham World - Mr. Nandakumar

    Mr. Nandakumar

    General Manager – Sales & Marketing

  • Shubham World - Ms. Komala

    Ms. Komala

    General Manager - Accounts

  • Shubham World - Mr. Laxman Takur

    Mr. Laxman Takur

    General Manager – IVEE & Ops


Shubham World - Mr. Sukant Burman

Mr. Sukant Burman

State Head - Rajasthan & Gujarat

Shubham World - Mr. Prashant Shinde

Mr. Prashant Shinde

State Head – Maharashtra

Shubham World - Mr. Mandeep Singh

Mr. Mandeep Singh

State Head – Punjab & Haryana

Shubham World - No image

Mr. Naveen Tondon

State Head - Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh


Shubham World - Mr. Pradeep P G

Mr. Pradeep P G

Regional Manager – Marketing

Shubham World - Mr. Raghavendra

Mr. Raghavendra

Product Head – IVEE Furniture

Shubham World - Mr. Kaverappa

Mr. Kaverappa

Regional Manager - FRA Loan Proccessor

Shubham World - Mr. Lohith M R

Mr. Lohith M R

Product Head - IVEE, AMC, SPS

Shubham World - Mr. Pitamber Ashpal

Mr. Pitamber Ashpal

Regional Manager - Stock Analyst

Shubham World - MR. KULDEEP S KUMAR B


Regional Manager - Marketing


Shubham World - Mrs. Suresh A

Mrs. Suresh A

Regional Manager – Mysore Rural

Shubham World - Mr. Mohan

Mr. Mohan

Regional Manager – Mysore City

Shubham World - Mr. Feroz

Mr. Feroz

Regional Manager – Hubli

Shubham World - Mr. Nagendra Naik

Mr. Nagendra Naik

Regional Manager – Davengere

Shubham World - Mr. Shivakumar

Mr. Shivakumar

Regional Manager - Mangalore

Head Office

Corporate Office